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North Carolina Girl Becomes First Female State Champion Wrestler

In the discussion of equality and the ability for women to participate in male-dominated sports, one girl took it upon herself to prove her skill and strength in the class sport of wrestling.

On February 23rd, 2020, something magical happened in the world of wrestling.

Scholastic wrestling, also known as folklore wrestling sometimes in the United States, is the style of amateur wrestling practiced in middle and high schools across America. It is considered one of the most pure sports in the world, and although it does contain team elements, this style of wrestling is highlighted by pinning one person against another.

For what it is worth, wrestling has always been seen as a male-dominated sport, and even though women are allowed to participate, they are often neglected by coaches and leaders in favor of focusing on the male athletes.

So it comes as a pleasant surprise when a woman comes along and dominates the sport in their weight class.

Heaven Fitch, a senior at Uwharrie Charter High School in Asheboro, North Carolina, is the first female wrestler to win a state championship in North Carolina history. The North Carolina High School Athletic Association has recognized her achievement, and she is officially in the history books.

"Well, I just wrestled my best. I... I kind of dominated the match if I'm being honest." she said in the post-match interview.

"I'm just glad I can be a role model for people younger than me, and it's so insane to be inspiring to others. To think that others look up to me is kind of crazy."

Heaven Fitch had an extremely impressive and inspirational senior year, finishing with a 54-4 record en route to winning the state championship. In previous years, she placed well in the state tournament, including finishing 4th in last year's competition. She even won this season's Most Outstanding Wrestler Award in the 1A classification.

This is a phenomenal achievement accomplished by a strong and dedicated woman. It does a lot to help rewrite the script for equality in sports, and it shows that girls can absolutely hang with the boys if given the chance and the proper coaching to do so.

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