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  • Jason Capp

Fender Telecaster Signed by 16 Navajo Code Talkers

Musician Richard Anderson, Jr. says the first Code Talker signature was the toughest one to get. "I’ll never sell it," he said. Why was this so important to him? Let's find out.

Some times you come across an article that is so powerful and raw that it is just impossible not to share it with the rest of the world.

Richard Anderson Jr, a musician, is in possession of one of the most patriotic items in American history. He owns an original USA 1971 Fender Butterscotch Telecaster guitar that is signed by 16 Navajo Code Talkers, people who were employed by the US military during war times to transmit coded messages in their Native American tongues.

My friend Viki Eagle spent some time with Richard Anderson Jr and learned a whole lot about the history of this guitar, the mission that was given to Richard, and how he hopes this guitar stays within the Navajo Nation among the Four Sacred Mountains.

Please take a moment to read Viki's amazing interview and learn about a wonderful hidden gem within America's history.


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