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ABOUT BCENTERTAIN.COM is a vision that has been growing since 2014. The idea came from the simple fact that, despite being so connected in this digital age, people are still so ignorant and disconnected. The image of a bridge became the centerpiece of this vision, because if there is any way to help people get across a large gap, it is a bridge that they can walk on to get from one side to the other. serves as a digital space to help teach and inform about the various cultures that exist all around us. Through blog posts, articles, podcasts, and videos, we hope to see a future where people can truly connect more intimately and deeply with the world around them. Our goal is to bridge cultures by educating in various ways and teaching why certain cultures act the way they do, work the way they do, laugh the way they do, and relax they way they do.

At, we are motivated by a sincere love for this unique and amazing world we live on. We are captivated by the incredible and various cultures from the 195 countries on this planet we call earth. We see a deep need to heal many of the broken areas around us, and we wholeheartedly believe that healing begins by building these bridges. Will you help us heal the world by bridging one culture at a time?

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